Brew Riot 2015

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Cheers from rainy Dallas. Aside from the gloomy weather forecast poo-pooing the chances for nice weather, 2015 Brew Riot was a hit. And it was incredibly nice weather after all, so #suckitdelkus. Dallas Homebrew Collective had a great location this year, right in front of Lucia on Eighth street. After we got set up at …


2014 Hops

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The cascade plants took off super early this year. And just like last year, the chinook were late bloomers. And now the chinook have taken over as this year’s darlings. I’m not quite sure what’s up with the cascade plants. 1) They have brown edges around the leaves and 2) something has been nibbling away …

A plasma cutter makes short work of hole-making.

Keggle Project

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One of my goals for 2014 is to step up to full-volume boils to get more quality out of my beer. The other is to move to all-grain brewing. This post, however, focuses on the keg boil kettle – the keggle. About Kegs A 1/2 barrel keg holds 15.5 gallons of liquid. When you think …

It's done!

Gate is 99.9% Complete

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Okay, okay. I neglected to factor in the recent daylight savings time change. The project got stretched out over a couple weeks. I even took a half-day off last week to wrap up the first half of the build. I finished the main gate build this past Sunday and it’s looking passable! After a small …

Here's a shot of Monday's effort.

Gate Update

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I took a half-day from work on Monday of this week to continue the gate project. It was cool and rainy out, so why not build stuff in the rain, right? So the Titan Post Anchor seems to be holding up nicely. And shame on me: there’s a small detail about the post anchors that …

Aurora Dallas 2013

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Aurora Dallas was an amazing event. While I did run in to a few friends at the event, I was in “me” mode so I could have the freedom to go shoot the stuff I wanted to shoot. And when you add in the time lapse part, the element of time comes in to play. …

Sidewalk, with granite side bed included.

Gate Plans

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So Erin and I adopted a dog from Operation Kindness and he is a lovely little devil. And up to this point, we have left our fence in its current state. Because we did not require a completely gated-in back yard, we left it open on one side. And it has been great… up to …

We're right at 1.014 - right at where we need to be for two weeks in the fermenter.

Porter Progress

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Here’s a quick follow up on the porter that I am working on. It’s Brian Smith’s Prestidigitation Porter from BeerSmith + a little tweaking. I added just a little bit of cascade hops from the garden and a homemade hazelnut extract. For the hazelnut extract, I just did a 1.5 week soak. I bought raw hazelnuts from …