Paint Party (re-post)

by ben smithson on

(Note: I’m in the process of moving old posts on to blogger. So this is a re-post from Tuesday, August 21, 2007)

Erin and I hosted a paint party this past Friday. I grilled up a bunch of good food, and lots of other people brought appetizers and snacks. It was a great time!

How To: Make Your Own Paint Party

Buy paint supplies. Asel art offers inexpensive canvases, brush sets, and paint sets. I used acrylic paint because it dries fast and won’t make a giant mess.

Next, coordinate the food plan.

After that, make an Evite and get your friends on board. I used the Evite to get a better idea of how many people were coming, and what to tell people to bring.

Last, get together and paint!

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