Fence Progress – March 24, 2011

by ben smithson on

Willie and Martín arrived yesterday and did some fence post work. Since we’re building our fence up against the neighbor’s falling-down janky fence, we have to pre-stain some of the wood. That’s where I come in to play! I helped pre-stain last night’s fence posts and followed up on the already-cemented posts, staining the remaining 3 sides. Willie said that he couldn’t find an oil-based stain in a clear format, so he picked out the lightest, most natural color that they had available. It’s not “raw” looking like a clear coat, but I’m definitely happy with it. It’s looking great. The western red cedar puts off a nice aroma. I could get used to it.

I could get used to the smell of western red cedar.

Here you can see the fence posts aligning up along the janky fence next door.

Another shot of the fence posts.

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