Fence Update – April 1, 2011

by ben smithson on

Yes, I understand that it’s April Fool’s day. But I’m posting this anyways. Whatever! Now that the posts are in on the East side, pickets are going up. I think they’re going to finish the rest of the posts over the weekend and try to finish one or two sides with pickets.

The images below outline some fence progress. Willie is using dog-eared pickets because they are cheaper. (Imagine that.) However, once we add the covering vertical picket in place (its dog ear end will be cut to fit) it will clean up those lines and cover the dog ear ends. You will also see the fence posts exposed, above the top-most picket. We’re adding in one more layer of pickets on the top. The final height should be somewhere between 6’2” and 6’6”. One more nice feature is the bottom “weed eater” pine board. This is meant to be replaced over time and stand up to the abuse from mowing and weed eating.

Up close shot of the East side.

Medium shot of the East side of the fence.

Shot from the other side - facing South-ish.

Willie is holding a picket up to show how it will cover the nail marks and dog eared pickets.

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