No-Knead Bread

by ben smithson on

A co-worker (Craig) introduced me My Bread by Jim Lahey. I baked two loaves of bread last night: one plain, one plain with rosemary tweaking.

I started the two loaves on Wednesday night at midnight. Then I did the second rise Thursday after I got home from work. Then baked later that night. And wow, the bread turned out great! This truly minimalist style of bread making is for me. If I can plan correctly and if I have the time, I will make an effort to stop buying bland store bread.

Prepping the scene.

You can score this dutch oven for $40 at Sam's Club.

Beginning the rosemary bread.

Rosemary bread after the second rise

Finished rosemary bread, cut.

Plain bread, cut. This batch was delicious as well!

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