Planter Boxes & Starter Plants

by ben smithson on

It rained CATS AND DOGS most of the weekend. So I got busy building out a whole new set of planter boxes. We still had left-over cedar hanging around the house from when we built the fence, so other than the price of a few boes of fasteners, these planters were built on the cheap!

It finally stopped raining Sunday afternoon and I was able to dig around in the yard. I set up another couple of planters and moved my seed starts outside. I also hooked it up with a couple of heirloom tomato plants from North Haven Gardens.

I also rigged up the cucumber plants and supports. I fashioned the tensioner support system after this version that I saw online. I’m curious to see if the fishing line will work, or if I should switch it to more of a twine material. Time will tell.

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