Trying to Get Ahead

by ben smithson on

It’s bulk trash week on our block, and I’m not sure if the city skipped us last time, or if every single household on our street took it upon themselves to keep “spring cleaning” in the common man’s vernacular. There are trash bags all over the place; it’s a feast for loose pets and strays. Yes, I am pissed about it.

While walking off my Monday run, I picked up a bunch of loose trash that had blown in to the street. Among the paper boxes, fast food wrappers, and soap bottles, was one cool find. I found this awesome retro “Come to Jesus” pamphlet geared toward the African American community – I assume? If I had to guess, it came from 3 houses down from us. We don’t know for sure who lived there, but we do know that the caretakers of the house (mystery people!) had a garage sale this past weekend. It’s as if the owner died and their kids came to have a massive garage / estate sale. This property has 10 regular garbage bags sitting on the curb. It’s ugly. BUT I found this awesome pamphlet. Notice the fonts, the hair styles, the layout. I want to get ahead – house poor is a lame place to be! (Actually, I’m super happy and things are awesome with my life right now. But whatever.)

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