Millenium – Deep Ellum

by ben smithson on

While waiting for Neil’s band to play the other night, I took a walk down the street and found this cool resale shop named Millenium. It’s a neat little place with lots to offer. Sadly, I only had enough time to take a few quick picks. The range of light and colors in this shop begged me to shoot a little HDR stuff. (And I had my tripod with me, which is almost a necessity.)


  1. This store is no longer the original Millennium. This store was reopened last year and is called B4. It is under different ownership that seems to be getting good advertising from the business name “Millennium.”
    If you’d like to shop Millennium Deep Ellum, go to Lula B’s at 2639 Main Street. The Millennium store is operating there.

  2. Nice pics. They bring back good memories. David is correct that if you visit 2707 Main Street in Deep Ellum, you will find B4 (not Millennium). B4 is definitely a different vintage shop. I hate to be a fact checker; However, David’s comment is also misleading on two points.

    1) Much of the merchandise in your images of “Millennium” belonged B4’s owner, a fellow named Sam who opened the 2707 Main St. Millennium with David. Most people who shopped at this incarnation of Millennium knew Sam to be half of this store.
    2) Also, B4 does not get “good advertising” from the name Millennium. Millennium did not actively advertise (or even have a business sign at the front of the shop), and many returning customers didn’t even know the store’s name until after the name change.

    On a positive note, I agree that Lula B’s is a great place to shop. They have a hundred or so awesome vintage dealers in a lofty warehouse space, and you never know what you’ll find. But, for the record, your pics of the old 2707 Main St. Millennium are pretty representative of what you may find in B4.
    Thanks for posting them.

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