Flagstone Patio – Part 1

by ben smithson on

When Joslyn and Bryan re-made their back yard last summer, they had some left over flagstone. And they offered it to us; we are 100% grateful to have it! We borrowed their mantis (which is a totally kickass landscaping tool, btw) this weekend and got to work. So our Sunday consisted of 2 trips to home improvement stores, digging up a couple of inches of dirt from our front yard dirt patch, and finishing out most of a dry-paved patio. Needless to say, this project was one of those “work those muscles that you haven’t used in a while” types, and I am super sore from all of the lifting.

Don’t judge us for dry paving. The soil is notorious for moving around here in North Texas… so even if we wet paved with mortar, this patio would end up cracking at some point. So there, haters! And if we decide to change it up way in the future, it’s not, as they say, set in stone. Wacka wacka.

So we’re CLOSE to finished with this patio. We’re short several stones, and we are planning on adding some landscaping in the dirt area around the patio. So stay tuned. It’s a work in progress.

It looks simple, but this patio includes:

  • 24 40-lb bags of paver sand
  • 8 40-lb bags of white rock
  • 100 ft of weed barrier cloth
  • re-claimed flagstone


Our lovely dirt patch…. in the middle of the digging out process.


A closer look at the dirt patch. And the lovely mantis tool is in the left side of this photo. I freakin’ love that tool.


We ran out of sand. Time for lunch and another trip to the home improvement store.


Almost done! We’re several stones short, but most of it is paved for now.

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