Chroma Key Work Wall

by ben smithson on

For most of our education and training video projects we shoot subjects on a green screen. That way we can make the background whatever we want it to be when we edit the video. It’s been a somewhat easy process so far. Up to this point we have used a green muslin screen on a photography background support, sort of like a shower curtain. It was a good, but small. And the background wrinkled really easily… so it just sort of stayed wrinkled all the time.

So I did some googling around on a bunch of video forums and found out that Benjamin Moore neon green was a close match to the traditional green screen color. It is a color with almost zero red in it – and zero red means good results when keying out the green channel.

I started the wall with 2 coats of pistachio tinted primer. After the primer, I painted a small section on the wall.. just to make double-sure that I had a green that would work in the editor’s keyer. Then I started in on the paint. From what I learned, green paint is more transparent than other paint colors, and it requires several coats. This wall is 4 coats of Benjamin Moore Super Spec neon green flat interior paint.

The pistachio primer on the wall. This was 2 coats of primer.

You can see the little test area on the left side of the screen. Notice how uneven the wall is. Gonna take lots of coats!

The second coat on the wall. Still looks crappy.

Getting there….

Almost there…

Done. Good enough!

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