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benches - the process begins

Last week I completed a refinish job on a couple of benches. We got these benches from the old location of Matt’s El Rancho in Lakewood. When they closed, the offered up a ton of furniture at fire sale prices.

The benches were great! One was yellow and the other one was bright pink. All was fine and dandy until the summer started its assault on them. We started seeing the paint bubble up off the benches. It was rubbing off on people’s clothes too – so we knew it was time to take action. When Matt’s re-painted the benches every couple of years, they didn’t worry about stripping the old paint off; they just kept layering and layering. So I had some work ahead of me.

After many rounds (let’s say 5) of gel paint stripper and lots of sanding, I had most of the paint and remnants of paint off the benches. I switched sandpaper to 120 and did more sanding. Then I prepped for the stain using 220 paper. After 2 coats of white paint on the legs, and 4 coats of poly + stain on the benches, it’s complete!

benches - the process begins

The process begins.

And they are complete! A little rough, but hey, these are $5 benches.

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