Backcountry Double IPA

by ben smithson on

This week, I reviewed Backcountry Brewing’s Double IPA.

Overall Impression.
For my first deep dive in to a Backcountry beer, I can say that I’m a fan. I think I like the aroma of Double IPA more than the flavor of it, but that’s me sort of splitting hairs here. If I would change one thing in this beer, it would be to round out that sharp bitterness that I get on the palate. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe the bitterness profile changed somewhere between packaging and my mouth. I can’t be for certain, but I’m ready and willing to crack another beer. I suspect that the floral character of this beer shines through even brighter when served on draft at the Backcountry brewery. DFW hop heads: give this gnarly double IPA a try. It’s a most-welcome addition to the local offering of big IPAs.

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