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Today marks a special occasion: 52 weekly stories for the On Tap series at CentralTrack.com. Central Track editor Pete Freedman approached me last summer about taking this project over, and I couldn’t resist. At first, the idea of writing one thousand words about a beer from a DFW brewery terrified me. But it wasn’t the writing or the photography part, it was the ongoing weekly responsibility.

Once in a while, I’ll run into somebody who reads my reviews and they’ll have a conversation with me about it. For instance, I met the cellarman who worked on Wild Manimal at Lakewood Brewing. I met him while my wife and I were visiting Alpine, Texas, after he had just moved to Big Bend Brewing Company. He had kind words to say about the review I wrote for the beer.

The people I meet and the kind encouragement keeps me going. I hope to bring you another year of weekly reviews, and I’ll do my best to keep it fresh and interesting. If you have a DFW beer that you’d like covered, hit me up! I’ll try to find it. Cheers.

Some High Points

Noble Rey Steampunk
My first post was on spec (for free), but this represented my first paid post for CentralTrack. From the first post out of the gate, I got a lot of eyeballs on this post.

Deep Ellum Play Date
Barrett Tillman got hired on as the barrel person at DEBC, and this was an excellent first beer out in wide production.

The 100 Best Beers in North Texas Right Now
Everybody likes a listicle, except for the people who actually write these things. However, this was a long time in the making, and represented a rather lengthy, subjective rating set of beers that we reviewed thus far.

Revolver Brewing’s Sangre y Miel
Revolver’s first barrel-aged sour was a real treat. Blood & Honey is good, don’t get me wrong. And Revolver sells a ton of it. But it lacks that wow factor… and this beer has it.

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