Martin House Stars Above, Hell Below (and Purgatory)

by ben smithson on

This week was a special review. I reviewed three beers at one. Check out this week’s review of Martin House Brewing Co.’s Stars Above and Hell Below

Overall Immpression
All told, I’m a fan of each of these three beers. Hell Below and Stars Above both bring something unique to the table. Hell Below showcases its intensity with its notes of bitter chocolate and deep, rich, roast. Stars Above brings acidity, tartness, and fruit, giving this beer a brightness that makes it a pleasure to drink.

I was sort of hoping for a little bit more instructions from Martin House on the cans themselves, something telling me to try mixing the beers. Martin House may lose that information on a craft beer passer-by at a beer store. Bars, on the other hand, represent a perfect opportunity for mixing straight off the draft. And, of course, there’s a bartender there to help educate and persuade you to try this funky and haunting mix of styles.

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