Texas Ale Project Payne Pils

by ben smithson on

This week I reviewed Payne Pils from Texas Ale Project.

Overall Impression
I’m a fan of Payne Pils. It’s refreshing to see a bright pilsner-based European lager like a pale kellerbier from a DFW brewery. I’m no expert on this style, and it’s sort of hard for me to jump across the pond and try out a few liters of pale kellerbier at a Bavarian beer garden. Where a typical helles style lager might taste a bit rounder or a hint sweeter on the tongue, Payne Pils cranks up the volume on the bitterness. I don’t mean to put its other beers down, but I think if it came down to it, TAP should consider putting this beer on regular rotation at the expense of one of its less-popular beers. If you do not enjoy bitter beer or the bitter European lager style of beer, maybe this beer isn’t for you. But, hey, at least try it once.


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