2014 Hops

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The cascade plants took off super early this year. And just like last year, the chinook were late bloomers. And now the chinook have taken over as this year’s darlings. I’m not quite sure what’s up with the cascade plants. 1) They have brown edges around the leaves and 2) something has been nibbling away …

benches - the process begins


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Last week I completed a refinish job on a couple of benches. We got these benches from the old location of Matt’s El Rancho in Lakewood. When they closed, the offered up a ton of furniture at fire sale prices. The benches were great! One was yellow and the other one was bright pink. All …

Flagstone Patio – Part 1

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When Joslyn and Bryan re-made their back yard last summer, they had some left over flagstone. And they offered it to us; we are 100% grateful to have it! We borrowed their mantis (which is a totally kickass landscaping tool, btw) this weekend and got to work. So our Sunday consisted of 2 trips to …